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Well that was a great success. She even went to the house with Nienke and played for another hour. She thought it was fantastic.

Today we are going to the cinema for the first time with Sabine. (finally because we are already planning it from the summer holidays)
Yesterday reserved and she talks about nothing else. "Tomorrow we go to the cinema", she always says. And before she slept, she still called it 10 times.

This morning she woke up and called me: "Mama, is it already tomorrow?"

Actually was a similar ruling on the day that the teachers birthday were even funnier.
She had it all week over the upcoming party on Friday.
And on Friday morning she cried as soon as she woke up, "Is it today tomorrow?"

Monday while cycling even something like that again.
She cycled and I walked with the stroller on the bike path. And a cyclist arrived, so I told her that she had to go aside for the bike.
"Yes," she says, "otherwise that will cutting me, eh?" (they meant cutting off).

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